Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Summer Nagging, I Mean Loving

I adore my kids and love having them around this summer, but the constant mess is getting to me. Emma, 16, and Nick, 19, leave clothes strewn artfully over railings and countertops, shoes scattered around every room in the house, and dishes and empty packages of crackers and chips all over the couch. It's driving me crazy! But apparently, I'm not such a pleasure to live with either. My nagging is getting to them.

"Wow, so much nagging, Mom" drawled Nick, my soon-to-be sophomore at Michigan, who's only been home for a few days. "Do you just walk around the house looking for things to complain about?"

All I could do was huff in exasperation.

"Why don't you just write a list of everything you want us to do," he continued, "and then you can stop talking about it?"

Fine! I wrote the first six things I could think of on a large post-it and slapped it on the fridge. Nick scribbled his own note and slapped it above mine. Here's the result.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Love it? Get multiples. Especially if it's a bra.

Exhibit A - Three of the Wacoal bras I own. The fourth was in use.
I know I've written a lot about my shape-shifting breasts over the years but despite the lead picture, this is not a boob post. It's not a post about orgasms either. This is a post about buying things in multiples.

Yes, I'm using bras as an example (see Exhibit A) because there seems to be only one style in the entire world that is able to lift, support, cradle and shape my capricious breasts appropriately - the Wacoal "Embrace Lace" Underwire Molded Cup bra - so I bought four of them. But I recommend buying pretty much anything else you love in multiples too.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Ah, Backyard Summer!

I love seeing everyone's exotic travel pics on Facebook, but Liam and I have been experiencing the most delightful hours in our own backyard - occasionally our kids will even join us there! We've done a bit of redecorating, and now our patio is definitely our most favorite room in the house. And with all the rain, my new garden is growing like crazy. I've been creating fresh bouquets and I use fresh herbs in every dish I make. I made Ina Garten's Barefoot Contessa Tarragon Potato Salad (recipe below) with fresh tarragon and my family agreed it was the best potato salad we'd ever had. It's not low fat, but sooo delicious, it's worth the calories. And if you live in my neighborhood, swing by and I'll provide the tarragon!

Most of our new furniture is from Crate & Barrel

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

11 Things to Carry On for a Happier Long Flight

My Carry On Essentials
I'm heading to back to Ireland in a couple days and packing is on my mind. We make this trip to see my husband's family often, so I feel I'm an expert on what to carry on board to make the transatlantic flight to London and connection to Cork as enjoyable as possible. I don't expect to sleep much, but I do want to arrive feeling as relaxed and refreshed as possible. After what my husband calls the big three - passport, itinerary, credit card - here are what I consider essential items to a happy long-haul flight.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Do Whatever You Want!

I've been walking around for weeks with a stiff neck, muttering to myself "I wish I could get a massage. I really need a massage." I've always considered massages to be recreational treats to be saved for a rare girlfriend spa day or a splurge on vacation. But today I had an epiphany. If I wanted a massage I could damn well go get one!

And you know what else I wanted to do? Go to the art festival in Evanston. So just like that, I called the Asha SalonSpa in downtown Evanston and made an appointment for a massage with 45 minutes to spare for walking the art fair and sipping on a Jamba Juice smoothie. It was a lovely afternoon and no one in my house minded or missed me. On my way home, feeling all relaxed and arty, I had to wonder - what had I been waiting for?

Because here's the beauty of being a woman of a certain age.

1. You're the grown up.
Being the grown up means I call the shots. I don't have to seek permission or approval, because no one's the boss of me. What freedom!
2.  You can do things solo.
I don't have to wait for an invitation; I don't need to bring a friend along for company or support. I like my own company just fine, and if I want to pursue a whim or follow a dream I don't have to wait for someone else to make it their priority too. They've got their own dreams.
3. No one cares what you do. 
Actually, I don't believe that anyone ever cared all that much, but now that I'm 50 I'm smart enough to realize that. Everyone's too busy worrying about their own life to waste much time thinking about yours.

You know all those things you've been longing to do? Whether it's a chick flick matinee with a big bucket of buttery popcorn between your knees, a bike ride through the local forest preserve, writing a letter to the editor, or adopting a new puppy - girl, go do them. Life is short and we're in charge, so let's do whatever we damn want!

PS - My massage was on sale, by the way. Just $65, and well worth it.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Welcome to Ripe Peach

Welcome to Ripe Peach! After blogging for six years over at FortyFabulous.com, I've grown into a new stage. The name Ripe Peach captures everything I feel about this fruitful time of life, when women are literally bursting with talent and passion and wisdom and humor. We're also full-fledged, luscious, glowing babes. Just look at these peaches, all round and juicy. Aren't they gorgeous? That's us!

This purpose of this blog is to nurture your inner ripe peach and savor this gratifying stage. We'll explore the elements that make our lives pleasurable and exciting - style, relationships, adventure, pampering, personal growth, success! And of course I'll include the sex stuff. After four years as a Sex & the Suburbs columnist I'm getting to be quite an expert, and we deserve good loving now more than ever.

Here are the juicy topics you can expect to find covered here:
  • Fresh Picks - new products, clever finds
  • Fruity Fun - friendship, outings, entertainment
  • Succulent Style - grown-up fashion & beauty
  • Ripe for Change - adventure, learning, reinvention
  • Get Juiced - energizing, feel-good tips
  • Passion - sexuality, relationships
  • She's a Peach - women we admire
I'm just getting started, so check back soon for lots of delicious content. Or better yet, subscribe to this blog by submitting your email or adding my feed to your homepage, at right.