Saturday, July 13, 2013

Love it? Get multiples. Especially if it's a bra.

Exhibit A - Three of the Wacoal bras I own. The fourth was in use.
I know I've written a lot about my shape-shifting breasts over the years but despite the lead picture, this is not a boob post. It's not a post about orgasms either. This is a post about buying things in multiples.

Yes, I'm using bras as an example (see Exhibit A) because there seems to be only one style in the entire world that is able to lift, support, cradle and shape my capricious breasts appropriately - the Wacoal "Embrace Lace" Underwire Molded Cup bra - so I bought four of them. But I recommend buying pretty much anything else you love in multiples too.

When you find something that fits, looks good, and the price is right, the benefits of buying several versions of the same item are clear.

1. You save time!
2. You save money!
3. You streamline your wardrobe and develop a signature style!
4. Everything goes together!
5. It's fun to buy lots of stuff!

Exhibit B - Mix 'n' match casual shorts and Ts.
May I direct you to Exhibit B, my new casual summer wardrobe purchased at Banana Republic for about $200? Two of the shirts and two of the shorts are identical styles and every top can be worn with every bottom. It's like Garanimals - remember them? If you don't,  here's a fun reminder.

The next time you find the perfect item that's screaming you, don't just buy one. Stock up! Except if it's a salad spinner. You only need one of those.

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