Monday, August 12, 2013

3 Steps to Great Sex in Longterm Relationships

Quickies and maintenance sex serve their purpose in long term relationship, but sometimes couples need to amp things up and create a special experience to keep the relationship fulfilling and hot. Here are three steps to a great night (or morning) of sex that will be far from routine.

Anticipation is so delicious.

1. Plan it
When are you and your mate having sex next? Have no idea? Waiting for the mood to strike? When it comes to sex, spontaneity is overrated.  Get out your calendar and schedule a sex date with your man in the next few days. We plan time for things that are important to us; a few intimate, pleasure-filled hours with your hubby should be one of them.

2. Prepare Yourself
Whether your hot date is tonight or Sunday morning, start preparing now. Your goal is to bring your most sensual self to the party. What will you wear? How will you ditch the kids, the dog, the cell phones? Do you need a pedicure, a massage, a playlist, a babysitter, a bottle of champagne?  Organize it! Be a bit naughty too - how about some good lube, a racy thong, erotic stories, or a blindfold? Women need time to access their desire, and all this mental preparation and physical planning serves as foreplay for you, just like it did back when you were single and took hours to get ready for a date. Let your guy know you're looking forward to your appointment - tease and flirt with him a bit. He'll be so psyched, he'll put some extra thought into it too, and the anticipation will be fun for both of you.

3. Stay Open
When your appointment rolls around, it's time to get out of your head and into the experience. Take a few deep breaths, slow down, and just let go. Don't expect any particular outcome and don't try to direct or control things. Be ready to respond to what moves you, inspires you, and feels good. Open up to your partner and the moment. Who knows what pleasure you might discover together?

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