Saturday, August 3, 2013

NYC's Soho - Where Shopping is Weird and Wonderful

Hey all, I just got back from a couple days in New York City where my husband and I met up with some of his Irish buddies to celebrate their 50th birthdays. We stayed at the Mondrian Hotel in Soho,  an area I knew very little about. Soho (which stands for SOuth of HOuston) is known for it's galleries and lofts and artsy vibe. But it also has a ton of cool shopping. Here are just a few of the stores I explored. If you're interested in learning more, follow the links to their websites.

Ochre - 462 Broome Street
This is a super chic home design store with lots of unique lighting and accessories. I loved the chandelier - don't those organic droplets look like tadpoles, or ahem, sperm? They're swimming the wrong way! Okay, forgive me, but I am a sex columnist. Anyway, Ochre is beautiful store, well worth a visit.

C Wonder - 72 Spring Street
My pictures don't really do this  fresh, preppy, monogram-happy store justice. C Wonder was founded by retailing whiz Chris Burch (Tory's former husband) and I think he's got a winner. The women's clothes and home accessories are reasonably priced and irresistibly happy. I bought this olive green silk dancing zebra blouse, (similar to the orange one below) isn't it fun?

Evolution - 120 Spring Street
Here's where the weird stuff comes in. I could hardly believe what was going down in this shop, which seemed more like a trip to the Field Museum than to a boutique. Still, if you'd like to become the proud owner of a human skull (I saw one for $1500) or a freeze-dried rat, beetle earrings or a grizzly bear skeleton, Evolution is the place for you.

Kate's Paperie - 435 Broome Street 
I've got a thing for paper; I love doodling on it, folding it, pasting it together. When I was a little girl I actually used to eat it, so this shop appealed to me in the most tactile of ways. Kate's Paperie not only has the most dazzlingly creative windows, it is full of some of the most beautifully designed papers and cards I've ever seen. The luxurious wrapping papers fascinated both Liam and me. Honestly, I think they deserve to be framed! If you ever get a present from me wrapped in something like this it's either because I won the lottery or I simply adore you. I hope it's both!

Pearl River 477 Broadway
Soho is right next to Chinatown, so this huge emporium dealing in all things Chinese  only makes sense. Need a parasol, chopsticks, buddha fountain or tea service? You've never seen such a selection! I wonder where the opium was stocked.

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