Friday, February 28, 2014

4 F-ing things I won't miss about February

My friends know this about me: I hate winter, and this one has been BRUTAL.  But things have got to get better in March, right? So I'm celebrating the last day of this despicable month by saying good riddance to four F-ing things I won't miss about February. (They all begin with F, get it?)

1. Frigid Temps
After record breaking cold and snow in December and January, the continuation of the Polar Vortex in February has been particularly hard to endure. The unrelenting wind chill and painfully cold temps have been ridiculous. I'm normally wimpy about the cold, but this month I'm justified. It has been the third coldest February on record

2. Frozen Sidewalks
Walking my dog Kelly has been either treacherous or impossible. The sidewalks have been covered in snow, slick with ice, or too painfully cold for her little feet to bear. After carrying her home a few times, I've reverted to throwing her toys around in the basement for exercise. The lack of fresh air is driving us both nuts.

3. Frumpy Footwear
I am so sick of wearing snow boots all the time. First of all, I love cute shoes. Secondly, I'm short! I need to wear a bit of a heel to feel like a grown-up. Clumping around in furry mukluks makes me feel like I'm one of the seven dwarfs (Grumpy, of course.)  In March, I'm breaking out the leopard pumps, no matter what.

4. February Face
This is how I've looked all month. Pained and miserable. I know, not a pretty sight. 

But tomorrow is March 1st and even though the forecast doesn't show it, I know there's a thaw in sight. So farewell February Face! Ciao cold! See ya later frozen sidewalks and frumpy Ugg boots. I'm not gonna miss you one f-ing bit.


Anne-Marie said...

I feel it. I have been so grumpy and irascible , I can't even stand being with myself any more. Have you checked the forecast for the first week of March? I'll need to check myself in somewhere.

Marjie Killeen said...

Anne-Marie, there should be a rehab clinic for us snow-sufferers! Last year I vowed to find a way to leave town for the entire month of February. But nope, I spent every day right here in the midwest. Happy March! (Although the forecast is still wintry.)