Monday, May 12, 2014

Finally, I Know How to Be a Woman!

Thanks to ten minutes browsing in a LAX bookstore and a four hour flight home, I've discovered the funniest, most brilliant British writer - Caitlin Moran. Her hilarious, sexy, smutty subject matter? Feminism. Don't roll your eyes, now. In her bestselling book, How to Be A Woman, Moran demonstrates how being a strident feminist is a super good time. (Not to mention, the right thing for any modern, self-respecting chick to do.)

While acknowledging the broader issues facing women in the world, Moran brings her feminist perspective to subjects that most of us struggle with everyday - like why is the only pretty underwear available so frigging uncomfortable? 

Here are a couple of my favorite quotes from the book.

"While some use the euphemism "Brazilian' to describe this state of affairs, I prefer to call it what is is - a ruinously high-maintenace, itchy, cold-looking child's vagina."

On high heels:
"There are only ten people in the world, tops, who should actually wear heels. And six of those are drag queens. The rest of us just need to give up. WE CANNOT WALK IN THE DAMN THINGS."

The book is certainly not frivolous - Moran addresses a woman's right to abortion (including an account of her own) with the same unflinching frankness as she does the folly of plastic surgery. But what she contributes to the feminist discourse is something it has often lacked - a sense of humor. Just check out this quick video where Moran finds lots of feminist battles to fight in her own home.

As you can tell, I'm a fan. AND a feminist, damn it!

PS - If you want my original take of waxing, thongs and tattoos, read my post from a few years back, "Confessions of a Prude.

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