Saturday, December 13, 2014

Marjie's Holiday Gift Guide, Just Indulge Me

 I'm indulging myself by sharing what's on my Christmas list this year. The Holiday season is the one time of year when you can consider what gifts you'd really love to receive, which is a true pleasure. Stop thinking about everyone else in your family for a brief half hour and consider what objects would delight YOU. Making a list of your desires is as much fun as getting the actual gifts!

1. A yoga mat - I've been taking yoga for six months and loving it. I think it's time I owned my own mat.

2. Jonathan Adler pottery, candles, decorative objects. I don't care which, just surprise me! Here are some shots from his store in Newport Beach where we visited over Spring Break, but you can shop via his colorful website. So whimsical/sexy/ fun.


3. Plaid flannel shirts. I'm feeling the men's lumberjack trend this season and am enamored with plaid shirts. Worn over a fitted tank they are comfy and look and feel cooler than sweaters. I have a couple cute shirts I picked up at Old Navy, but I want more. Here's one from J. Crew I like.

4. Upside down hoop earrings. These pictured below are the ultimate by Lana for $445, but I've seen less expensive versions all over. A surprising twist for your lobes.

5. Netflix. Will someone in my family please set this up and explain it to me? I know I'm woefully out of it and missing some of the best TV programming out there.

6. Ray Ban Aviators. They are classic and cool. I want to get matching pairs with my husband so I can pretend we're movie stars.

7. Jo Malone's new Wood Sage and Sea Salt Cologne. Smells divine!

8. Vans leather slip ons. I think these are the winter equivalent of flip flops. Cute, practical, easy to step into when running out, and they cover your whole foot!

Other items on my wish list are lip gloss, gloves, scented candles, champagne, family harmony, a good night's sleep, and some cuddle time in front of the tree with my husband - hopefully while we wear our matching Ran Bans!

What are you longing for in the gift department? I'd love to hear.