Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Too Much Food, Not Enough Information

If you didn't see the Weight Watchers Superbowl ad, take a look. It really drives home the point that there is entirely too much deliciously oozy, buttery, sugary, tempting food available out there!

Talking about diets is boring, so I'm won't go into how I'm back on Weight Watchers, the only weight loss program that has ever worked for me. But tracking every bite I put in my mouth has made me realize that the portion sizes and calories being served up in restaurants and coffee shops and kiosks are really absurd. No wonder a third of all Americans are obese.

I don't think we're suffering from a lack of willpower; the problem is a lack of knowledge. Luckily, most restaurants post nutritional information on their websites.

Have you ever looked up the nutritional information of some of your favorite restaurant dishes? Our family loves California Pizza Kitchen, where I regularly order the fish tacos, which seems like a light and healthy dish, right? Nope, it has 1040 calories, as much as a BBQ Chicken Pizza.  But knowing that doesn't mean I have to stop dining there. Instead, I can order something lighter or split an entree with my husband. I'm in control!

Look, no food is bad - I eat everything and I know there's a Big Mac (550 calories) in my near future - but we owe it to ourselves to understand what we're putting in our bodies. And whether it's tracking points with Weight Watchers or just keeping a food journal, writing down what you eat is a powerful tool for better health. ( PS - I've lost six pounds!)