Monday, April 13, 2015

Amal Clooney shows women can have it all - or at least more!

She's a brilliant international human rights lawyer and speaks three languages.  She's stunningly beautiful and impeccably dressed.  She has captured the heart of one of the hunkiest, most elusive movie stars of all time. Amal Alamuddin Clooney, a woman of intellect, sophistication, style, and character,  proves what women have been longing for - we really can have it all. Hooray!

Image via the LA Times
But also, ugh.

I'm fascinated by Amal, as is the rest of the world. There's even a blog completely devoted to analyzing her style.  The photos of her are incredible - her exotic features and luxuriant hair, those amazing designer clothes, her confidence and ease. I've seen plenty beautiful women in the media, but they're models or actresses - their job is to look good. Amal looks ravishing heading to teach a class at Columbia's law school. It's impressive and, I gotta say, intimidating.

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Of course women can be successful and beautiful, but Amal's dazzling display of both qualities leaves me feeling like a slacker. Amal is a defender of free speech and women's rights across the globe. I can sit at my computer in my pj's and write about relationships and sex for 35 minutes straight. Last weekend Amal wore a feather trimmed Giambattista Valli crop top out for drinks at The Monkey Bar in New York. Last weekend I wore a black t-shirt and Gap boyfriend jeans to World of Beer in Evanston to watch the NCAA basketball playoffs.

See why I'm feeling like a slouch?

Although she sets the bar high, I'm glad Amal is having her moment. Her looks may be gaining her attention (apparently Vogue's Anna Wintour is her fashion advisor) but her accomplishments are truly impressive. I  need to know about more multi-dimensional, multi-talented women like her - they'll motivate me to up my game.

And if they happen to be wearing Gap jeans, all the better.

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