Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Round up of my Latest Sex Stories

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I'm still writing my Sex & the Suburbs column for Make it Better magazine but I realized I haven't shared these spicy stories here at Ripe Peach. Living life to the fullest means cultivating juicy, satisfying relationships. Here's some support and motivation to keep your romance in bloom.

Click on the titles to read the full stories over at MIB.

North Shore Cougar Karen Poter Tells Women How to Make the Most of MidLife 
Karen transformed herself through tragedy into a "powerhouse." Now this self proclaimed cougar has a popular sexy youtube channel and a hot younger boyfriend. She'll inspire you!

Could a Contract Make Your Marriage Happier?
It may not sound romantic to put your relationship through negotiation, but coming to terms with your partner may make you both happier than ever.

Scientific Secrets for Better Sex
How come you never feel like having sex until after you start fooling around? Why does your body do one thing while your brain does another? Are you normal? The latest sex science provides some surprising and reassuring answers.

Where's the Viagra for Women?
After years of watching those ads for Viagra and Cialis for dudes, I had to ask - where are the similar drugs for women? After all, we deserve good sex too. Good news! Help is on the horizon.

Sex After Kids - 4 Ways to Make it Happen
Children are wonderful but they sure put a damper on their parents' love lives. Get around the no sleep/no privacy/no time/no energy conundrum with these savvy tips.

How to Be a Better Date
Whether you're single or coupled, these expert tips will help you have more fun,  be a more charming companion AND get the relationship you want.

7 Things Women Should Know About Divorce Before Getting One
Sadly, not all marriages last.  If you're considering divorce, this story will help you prepare for the realities of uncoupling.

And up next, I'm investigating the issue of Female Sexual Fluidity. Are all of us a bit bi-sexual? I'll do some digging and report back.

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