Wednesday, November 2, 2016

A Tale of Two Cities (and three houses)

Over the last year or so we've transitioned to live in two places - Sioux City, where Liam works for a very cool company, and downtown Chicago, where we have a very cool condo.  During the week, Liam is mostly in Iowa and I'm mostly in Chicago, but on the weekends we travel between the two or hit someplace different for fun. It's an unconventional arrangement that even has our kids a bit confused, but we like the freedom and excitement of being able to hang in both places.

Downtime in Sioux City is relaxing and serene. We live on a beautiful pond on a pretty golf course that's home to all sorts of critters like fox and pheasant and muskrat and turtle and weasel (when's the last time you saw a weasel?) We love to hike local nature trails and play terrible golf and take naps and cook pots of soup and hit the 80s band concerts that roll through town. We have cocktails on our balcony and listen to the geese honking as the sun slides down the open sky.  We have a GMC pickup truck and a sauna and a three-car heated garage.

View from our terrace in Sioux City.

Our condo is still new to us, but living in downtown Chicago is already a thrill. Restaurants and culture and shopping and sports (Go Cubs!) and parks and the river and lake are literally on our doorstep. The vibe is energized and exciting and busy, busy, busy. Our building has wonderful doormen and a huge gym and indoor pool. We can see the fireworks at Navy Pier from our balcony and hear motorcycles racing through Lower Wacker at night.

Living at the corner of Chicago River and Lake Michigan

Living in two such different places provides a contrast and balance that makes me feel alive and excited about the future. Change is scary but change is growth and growth is good (that's my mantra.)

That said, we haven't made a clean break from Wilmette, because we haven't sold our house there yet. So I'm still hanging out on the North Shore, which is fine, because I love Wilmette, but honestly, the three house thing is getting old. It's like a big ball of energy holding us down and we're moving on! I know this house is perfect for the right family and I hope they find each other soon.

 I'm happy inside and out. Buy me!

I know plenty of couples with similar arrangements in Chicago, but our Sioux City neighbors don't know what to think of us. This back and forth wouldn't work if we still had kids at home, but we're at a point where we can create a life that works for the two of us. This situation and these places are still new and I'm still figuring stuff out myself. I lose my keys on the daily.

Hopefully this should make for lots of good writing material and luckily I can write from anywhere. So check back soon and for an update on my pursuit of a ripe peach life in Chicago, Sioux City and beyond!

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