Friday, October 27, 2017

Stitch Fix - They Got Me

I'm always looking for ways to dress better with less effort, because left to my own devices I'm kind of lazy and don't know what I'm doing. I think that's why I address style frequently on this blog - I'm trying to figure out a magic formula that helps me dress for my day feeling comfortable, confident, pulled together and current. But I've got some constraints - I've got to be able to walk a mile or two in whatever I'm wearing and I'm over 50, short, curvy and like a good deal. I'll invest in a classic piece or two, but I prefer moderately priced clothes or designer stuff on sale.

Anyway, I've been seeing a lot of ads online for Stitch Fix, the service where a stylist sends you five pieces and you keep what you want and send back what you don't. It seems like a low risk way to get some professional style advice, so I decided to give it a try. I filled out a lengthy survey about my size, shape, lifestyle, budget, preferences and where I need help. After about a week, my first Stitch Fix box arrived. Here's what they sent me and how the clothes look. (Note: I am not sponsored or compensated in any way for this post, just wanted to give the service a try!)

I was excited to open the package and see 
what my stylist, Sarah, had chosen for me. 
Impressed! Everything was fitted, comfy and fashionable. The items were things
I'd never seen or wouldn't have thought to try. Also, loved the color palette for fall.
Nice mix of items - dress, blouse, pants, sweater and necklace - in a price range
that was totally in line with what I'd said was acceptable.

Keep reading to see how everything looks on me:

This Michael Stars leather panel T-shirt dress
was LOVE at first sight! I wore it that very night
 to a rooftop cocktail party and comedy show.

The blouse is racier than I'd usually go, but I said I wanted
 to amp up my look. I can do this for a Friday night, right?
I think Liam will like it. 

Fun ruffle, but not the most flattering fit
around the middle. I don't think a different size
would improve things.

I decided to keep the dress, black pants and red blouse, but I wasn't sure about grey ruffle sweater (too long/clingy around midsection) or the statement necklace. However, you get a 25% discount for buying all five pieces, so in this case it's actually cheaper to keep all five items than keep three and return two.

I tried tucking in the grey sweater and blousing it out a bit, and it definitely looks better that way. My daughter Emma likes it, so it may find its way into her closet when she comes home for Thanksgiving. I'll give the necklace a try - it's not really my thing but it might be nice to have a little extra sparkle for the holidays.

I went online to officially place my order (you are charged a $20 styling fee when you request a "Fix" which they credit back to any purchase) and gave very specific feedback about each item so Sarah gets to know me better. Still, I think she did a great job right out of the box and I had a lot of fun with the process. I could see doing this a few times a year for sure. I was pleasantly surprised!

Have you tried Stitch Fix or a service like it? Tell me about it in the comments, please. I'd love to hear.


Tricia Cook said...

This is good to know. I have been wanting to try Stitch Fix.


Marjie Killeen said...

You should definitely give it a try, Tricia!