About Ripe Peach

Welcome! After blogging for six years over at FortyFabulous.com, I've grown into a new stage. The name Ripe Peach captures everything I feel about this fruitful time of life, when women are literally bursting with talent and passion and wisdom and humor. We're also full-fledged, luscious, glowing babes. Just look at these peaches, all round and juicy. Aren't they gorgeous? That's us!

This purpose of this blog is to nurture your inner ripe peach and savor this gratifying stage. We'll explore the elements that make our lives pleasurable and exciting - style, relationships, adventure, pampering, personal growth, success! And of course I'll include the sex stuff. After four years as a Sex & the Suburbs columnist, I'm getting to be quite an expert, and we deserve good loving now more than ever.

Here are the juicy topics you can expect to find covered here:
  • Fresh Picks - new products, clever finds
  • Fruity Fun - friendship, outings, entertainment
  • Succulent Style - grown-up fashion & beauty
  • Ripe for Growth - adventure, learning, reinvention
  • Get Juiced - energizing, feel-good tips
  • Passion - love, sex, relationships
  • She's a Peach - women we admire
I'm just getting started, so check back soon for lots of delicious content. Or better yet, subscribe to this blog by submitting your email or adding my feed to your homepage, at right.

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